Code of Conduct

How Confinity.AI Follows Ethical Considerations To Offer Its Digital Afterlife Service?

Author: Debra Basset – Ethics Advisor at

Here's How We Are Committed To Code of Conduct of Digital Afterlife

Confinity.AI aims to bridge the generation gap with its high-end advanced AI technology. We make sure the memories are captured and preserved in the digital space.

Moreover, we ensure that the conservations are still continuing beyond the lifetime or afterlife. And, in offering this cherishing service, we consider following ethics. With a properly structured code of conduct to provide our service, our platform makes sure to deliver truthful and honest service, keeping our promises and helping our users by making their digital bonds stronger.

We transform and create moments from a personal journey to immortalizing cherished moments. Our service gives a place where captured memories like photos and videos and end-of-life wishes stay alive. This further allows future generations to be in touch with their ancestors.

1. Sensitive Data Storage Security and Retrieval

Confinity.AI takes to ensure that all data is highly secured. Our service ensures the implementation of security measures for high-quality data protection. We keep track of user access and prevent unauthorized access. After the Digital Creator is dead and in the event of account closure or non-payment for any specific reason, we will allow the bereaved to download all updated data. We make sure that the memories captured and messages delivered are available to our Digital Inheritors even without continuing our service.

2.Respecting the Bereaved

Our service prioritizes treating and respecting the bereaved with honesty and empathy. Our ethical considerations include not giving any user any kind of misinformation or fake promises. Our team will be concerned about the needs of the users and provide the right information about our digital services.

3. Timely Framed Service and Transparency

We will endeavor to deliver our digital afterlife services in a timely order. All our service processes run in well-defined time frames. Moreover, our team will promptly respond to our users’ requests and concerns. Our users will get access to clear and transparent information about our service process and charges. We make sure that everything is clear from our end. This is why we prefer to use simple language rather than technical jargon.

4. Professionalism in Service

We strive to always deliver our best professionally and ethically. We will comply with necessary laws and regulations for conducting digital afterlife. Moreover, we will keep up with the standards of integrity and accountability.

The Ethics of Posthumous Chatbots

We know that death is about disruption, but that disruption must make sure that the deceased person is treated with utmost dignity, respect, and sensitivity. This is why Confinity.AI has launched a completely new technology platform, keeping up with the ethical considerations.

We have noticed that our competitors do not care much about the ethical implications of their technological innovation and advancements. So, we have come up with the right Code of Conduct following professional standards. Hence, we believe our implementation of ethics at this early stage will lead to a huge competitive advantage for our service.

In the recent AI developments, posthumous chatbots are in the limelight. It is considered as the individualized chatbots where the mimic of writing and speaking behavior of a dead person is preserved as an afterlife visual. Most of the platforms are already created and under development, practicing ethical considerations.

One of the important ethical considerations in AI resuscitation of deceased people is the issue of consent. Restoring a deceased person’s image, voice, and personality using AI raises the question of whether they explicitly consented to such entertainment during their lifetime.

Shifting Focus: Autonomy and Dignity of the Bereaved

Therefore, it is an urgent issue that needs to consider the ethical implications of posthumous chatbots. The previous ethical theories have always relied on considerations related to the dignity of the deceased. This is why we propose shifting the focus to the autonomy and dignity of the bereaved users of posthumous bots.

According to Krueger and Osler, Posthumous Chatbots represent internet-enabled effective niches. It shows that the Internet is offering dynamic and ongoing interactions with chatbots. It will offer a novel form of structuring the affective contours of the grief processes. Therefore, Posthumous Chatbots can influence their user’s effect and impact. While the creation of effective niches is considered an intentional process, internet-enabled techno-social niches impact their users in unintended ways, leading to overreliance and overregulation.

We ensure nothing gets complicated for our users in their journey of witnessing and cherishing the afterlife moments of their loved ones.