Transformative Alliance with Once UI

Confinity.AI celebrates its strategic collaboration with Once UI, a union that promises to redefine digital memory preservation. With a component-based design approach and unwavering support, this partnership sets new industry...

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The Genesis: Embracing Once UI’s Design Brilliance

In the digital age, the right partnerships can amplify a brand’s vision and reach. Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight Confinity.AI’s strategic collaboration with Once UI, a union that promises to elevate our design ethos and immortalize memories with unparalleled finesse.

A few months ago, our journey with Once UI began. With no prior experience in Figma, the decision to integrate Once UI’s groundbreaking design system into Confinity.AI was a leap of faith. The results? A streamlined design process that’s efficient and consistent across all our platforms, from our website to mobile interfaces.

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Amplifying Visions: Confinity.AI’s Galactic Collaboration with Once UI.

Why Once UI Stands Out:

Design Mastery:

Once UI’s component-based approach, inspired by modern JavaScript frameworks, ensures captivating, user-centric interfaces.

Unwavering Support:

A heartfelt shoutout to Lorant Toth, Zsofia Komaromi, and the entire product team at Once UI. Their commitment to innovation, continuous documentation updates, and personal assistance has been a beacon for us.

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Once UI’s Blueprint: Pioneering User-Centric Interfaces with Unwavering Support.


Urban Odyssey: Once UI’s Innovative Journey Illuminating Confinity.AI’s Path.

Confinity.AI: A Vision Brought to Life

Our Mission

Leading a passionate team of 17 at Confinity.AI, our mission is clear: redefine connections in the digital realm. We’ve created a sanctuary where digital memoirs and afterlife conversations breathe new life into memories, ensuring they resonate for generations to come. Our platform, driven by AI, empowers users to safeguard their digital heirlooms, creating profound conversations with preserved personas.

Our Impact

The impact of our collaboration with Once UI and our dedicated team’s efforts? A surge in interest from industry giants like Google, media attention from outlets like Channel 4, and a wave of investment opportunities.

Futuristic City

Embracing Tomorrow: Where Memories Meet the Future Cityscape

Conclusion: Celebrating a Partnership of Excellence

Lorant Toth & Zsofia

To Lorant, Zsofia, and the entire Once UI team, your expertise and support have been instrumental in our journey. Your commitment to design brilliance and continuous innovation has set new benchmarks in the industry.

For those reading, if you’re on a quest to immortalize memories for future generations, we invite you to explore Confinity.AI. And if unparalleled design excellence is your pursuit, look no further than Once UI.

Dive into the world of design with Once UI and enjoy a special surprise. Use the code: REVOLUTION at checkout for an exclusive treat.

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Join the Revolution: Connect, Preserve, Speak Freely

Join the Revolution: Connect, Preserve, Speak Freely