A Tale of Resilience for a Misfit

Explore the transformative journey of Abir, from battling depression to conquering coding challenges, in the heart of Hannover and Wolfsburg, Germany....

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Story preserved (no. 1) – sent in by Mohammad Abir Abbas – Germany

A Tale of Resilience for a Misfit

In the heart of Hannover, Germany, I , Abir, arrived with dreams of pursuing a master’s degree in software engineering from a small country called Bangladesh.

Eager to follow my path, I faced unexpected challenges that tested my resilience and determination.

Surviving the Pandemic: Battling Depression and Finding Inner Strength

As the rigorous academic challenges unfolded, the world became engulfed by the pandemic. Apart from the anxiety of keeping up with deadlines and managing responsibilities, once vibrant streets turned silent, and the bustling social scene came to an abrupt halt. Isolation became a constant companion, and the weight of loneliness bore down heavily.

Amidst the chaos, I spiraled into the depths of depression, diagnosed with severe depressive disorder. Feeling like a stranger in my own mind, I lost the ability to speak and write, and even logical thinking. My high-functioning anxiety made it difficult to remember simple tasks and maintain a consistent routine.

From Darkness to Light: A Journey of Healing and Transformation

In the darkness, a glimmer of determination flickered within. I sought help, surrounded myself with support, and embarked on a journey of healing.

Leadership and Growth: AIESEC Training and Vice Presidency in Hannover

I took leadership training at AIESEC and with a growth mindset from a Marketing member I was ranked to become the Vice president of IGTA of the local committee in Hannover.

After resolving the responsibilities and being awarded as a valuable member for AIESEC in Hannover ,I then went to Piscine at 42 Wolfsburg to follow my lifelong childhood dream to work with software development and automotive.

Coding Dreams at 42 Wolfsburg: A Lifelong Passion for Software Development

Embraced by the beauty in the environment of acceptance of countless failures, 42 Wolfsburg taught me that each misstep was a stepping stone to growth.

In this dynamic environment, I learned the art of stumbling through public speaking, the daily struggle of balancing passion and pragmatism in professionalism, and the delicate dance of time management.

My high-functioning anxiety compelled me to develop effective strategies to manage my responsibilities, ensuring I remained diligent and punctual in all my tasks.

As logical thinking resurfaced, so did my sense of purpose. 42 Wolfsburg transformed me from alien territory to a haven of growth, where I conquered coding challenges and discovered a resilience that transcended borders.


Conquering Challenges: Lessons Learned at 42 Wolfsburg and Automotive Dreams

I learned that the journey wasn’t solitary. Amidst failures, I pioneered an AI club, co-created the 42 Wolfsburg podcast with someone from Spain and Uzbekistan, created technical content at Medium, spoke to the person who sent code to Mars, had the chance to ask questions to the creator of the Internet (Vint Cerf) and contributed on open-source projects, apart from that I got to see all the 3 automotive factory(Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen) and onto the path of reviving my career.

The tapestry of effort celebrated the beautifully messy, human experience of growth against all odds. In Wolfsburg, Germany, a misfit found resilience, purpose, and community. Now onto the verge of becoming a AI developer.

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