Our vision

For a simpler, more efficient future.

Technology is a blessing

The web has brought us a magical place we could have never dreamed of before. It has made connecting to our friends, relatives or even strangers not only possible, but cheap and convenient at the same time.

And it has changed our lives for good…

Imagine living in a foreign country and being able to video chat with your parents or friends whenever you want to. It’s a privilege of the last 10 years or so.

But as you know, this story is not all bloom and gloom…

Working in tech is complicated

The digital industry has come a long way in a very short time. The interactions we design today are nothing like what we were used to a couple years ago. They are more dynamic and more complicated. It’s not about filling input fields and pressing buttons anymore.

But we do use these elements more than anything else!

And it seems like designing these simple interactions is a challenge for most businesses.


-> Because everyone wants to be unique.

-> We don’t take the time to build strong foundations.

-> We want to put our creative ideas on the blank canvas.

There’s just one issue…
Design is not a blank canvas.
Design is a system with constraints and boundaries.

And if you don’t acknowledge this, than I’m sorry to say it…

Product design is not your profession.

You should be and artist then.

Our future is unstable

AI starting a new movement and businesses being feared of lagging behind the competition makes them come up with wrong decisions. On top of that, the market is crashing and an uncertainty develops in different aspects of our lives.

As a result, businesses:

-> focus on short-term gains instead of long-term sustain.

-> are being distracted from their mission: the #1 problem they want to solve.

I know it’s hard…

We don’t know what the future will bring.

But I know one thing for sure:

Integrating GPT into your app just because everyone does will not get you farther.

Our vision is bold

So what do we propose?

How do we want to change the future of the web?

We get it:

-> Businesses don’t want to spend resources on designing buttons.

-> Designers don’t want to spend their precious time designing buttons.

-> But we need buttons after all, don’t we?

You see, button is just a metaphor.

A metaphor of all the simple things your business needs during the production cycle to aid its mission.

Once UI provides you the buttons you need to be able to focus on your mission.

With Once UI you can:

-> Embrace aesthetics

-> Prioritize accessibility

-> Ensure customizability

-> Guarantee responsiveness

It’s your call: join the revolution!