About us

Innovators, pioneers, partners.

Meet our team.

The beginnings

It all started back in November, 2022.

We’ve been creating the same components.
Setting up the same interactions.
Defining the same patterns.

We’ve realized that 80% of all design projects is the same.

… What if we could create the design system that covers this 80%?

Our principles

We’ve realized early on that we want to make something
radically different than what was already out there.

Something that will change the way we design.

A mission to create a system that’s:

-> Blazing fast

-> Incredibly small

-> Easy to understand

-> Highly customizable

From these thoughts formed our principles:

01 Keep the scale small but the functionality high

Result is a unique concept: Deep Nesting

02 Provide opportunities for customization

Result is a unique concept: Elastic Slots

03 Bring departments closer together

Single file, docs, marketing, CSS vars

04 Solution-orientated approach

Address problems and solve

A bumpy road

Creating a product, a website, and marketing campaigns were tremendous work.
We thought it’s gonna get easy afterwards…

It didn’t.

What happened after the launch was an emotional rollercoaster:

Good initial response:

-> Positive comments and responses at the start really made us push harder

Competition was though:

-> Mature design systems with high prestige and newcomers every week

Being left out of the Figma Community:

-> Applying to the Community every month without getting a response

Successful ProductHunt launches:

-> Our launches were a blast! Hundreds have downloaded Once UI

Ghosted by the industry:

-> Very few response from industry professionals

Getting traction:

-> Startups and orgs start to use Once UI

The next chapter

At first, we *just* wanted to create the best design system.

Now, we are looking forward something more interesting.
We are not speaking about design systems anymore…

We want to contribute to a more responsive, more
accessible and more customizable space
in the digital world.

Ryan Ward


Lorant Toth

Founding Designer