Meet our Global Team

Journey into the heart of and meet our team of visionaries, passionately crafting an interactive digital landscape. Our globally-dispersed, boundary-pushing team harnesses advanced technology and deep empathy to transform fleeting moments into enduring digital memories, redefining the way we remember, share and connect.

Ryan Ward

Founder CEO

Salah Zalatimo

Advisor to CEO

Maher Al Kaabi

Advisor to CEO

Godfrey Sullivan

Strategic Advisor

Michael Collyer

Strategic AI and Innovation Advisor

Mohsan Ali

Strategic Advisor

Fadwa S

Investment Advisor

Ahmed Mounir Sorour


Eva Dobrzanska

Investment Advisor

Andri Koolme

Advisor Operations

Alex Constantinidis

Cyber Security Advisor

Harry Berg

Senior AI Advisor

Anupam Sivaram

Senior Product manager

Lorant Toth

Founding Design Manager

Ramsey El Dabbagh

Legal Advisor

Dr Debra Bassett

Digital Afterlife Advisor & Writer

Nina Sabina Caballero

Chief Communication Officer

George Stathopoulos


Elena Galli

Head of Brand Strategy

Heting Yang

Head of China Market Operations

Hanin A. Abdalla‚Äč

Head of Partnerships

Adnan Bin Mohammed

Chief Information Security Officer

Olga Jilani

Cyber Security Advisor

Ali Usman

SEO Specialist

Security Architect

Samuel Kow Paintsil

Flutter Developer

Our Mission & Values

Weaving together the threads of human experience into a seamless digital tapestry

Advanced Technology

At, we are pioneers of digital innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to encapsulate and preserve your most cherished memories.

Passionate Preservation

Our team is committed to keeping your experiences alive, ensuring that every giggle, every heartfelt conversation, and every moment of triumph remains forever vibrant and accessible.

Enduring Connections

We transform fleeting moments into enduring memories, strengthening the bonds between people, places, and events that shape our lives.

Empathy and Understanding

Understanding the depth and breadth of human emotion, we strive to create an interactive landscape that truly resonates with each individual's unique journey.

A Journey Together‚Äč

We're more than a platform; we're your partners on this journey, accompanying you as you etch your reminiscences into the vast expanse of the digital universe.

Unforgettable Experiences

With, every shared experience evolves into an unforgettable narrative, transforming the transient into the timeless.

Crafting Futures, Unbound by Borders

At, we believe in empowering our team to build the future they envision, no matter where they are. With a fully remote working environment, we provide the flexibility and support needed to grow professionally while balancing personal commitments. Together, we're not just preserving memories; we're creating a future unrestricted by geographical limitations.